Located at 69 Washington St in Keene, NH.        

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You are encouraged to check here for any cancellations due to inclement weather.

Any cancellation will be posted no later than 

2 hours prior to scheduled services.  


Please go to our "Workshops and Classes" page for information on opportunities for learning and studies. 


Coming March 18th 3-5pm in the Parish Hall

Join us in a channeled conversation with Myra in assisting one in moving through life.

You don't want to miss this!

$35 pay at the door


Coming April 2nd, May 21st, June 4th & June 25th

SHAMAN SERIES of four, four hour workshops! 

2:30 - 6:30 pm $50 each workshop in the Parish Hall


Coming April 22nd 1-3pm in the Alliance Room (upstairs at the KUUC)

Mediumship Development Workshop with Alicia Gandert



Go to our "Workshops and Classes" page for important information about this series of workshops


On April 3rd we welcome back 
Reverend Stephen Hermann!

We have the pleasure of having Reverend Stephen Hermann, International Spiritual Medium and Healer serve Cycles of Spirit whenever he journeys back to New England from time to time. Rev Stephen is a gifted medium and healer and is an incredble teacher of the same. Steve also has meditative CDs available that will take you into other worlds, and offers classes and weekend workshops when he comes back to the area in April and October each year. 

                ALL ARE WELCOME!

Cycles of Spirit gathers together in celebration of living a Spiritual life every first Monday evening of each month at 6:30 at the Keene Unitarian Universalist Church on the corner of Washington and Taylor St in Keene, NH.

Each month we meet in the Parish Hall.

Visit our "Location" page for directions.

Please note that Cycles of Spirit is not affiliated with the Keene UUC.

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On Monday November 7th we celebrated our 6th Year Anniversary! Much gratitude to Alicia Gandert, Carmen Carignan and Reverend Elaine SanSoucie as our guest mediums for this special service!


               Monadnock's Spiritual Chapter of           The National Spiritual Alliance


We give much thanks to Tim Hanson of Hanson Studio, Charlestown, NH for the beautiful photograph of Mt. Monadnock as reflected on Perkins Pond. His gift as a photographer is clearly seen in the picture that graces each of our pages.

Tim and Jill may be contacted at (603)826-5185.


Cycles of Spirit is chartered by The National Spiritual Alliance

located at Lake Pleasant in Montague, MA




Spiritualism offers a belief in

and an awareness toward a

better way of life and

understanding of the Universe

through Natural Spiritual and

Physical Laws.


Spiritualism teaches personal

responsibility as we are held

accountable for our own

actions and are taught to accept

others' paths without judgment.


Spiritualism shows proof of

the continuity of life through

physical and mental forms of

mediumship, offering healing

through this process.


As we apply Spiritualism as a

core belief system we honor

and invoke the God-force

within and all around us.

Upcoming Events

Monday, Apr 3 at 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Monday, May 1 at 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Monday, Jun 5 at 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Monday, Jul 3 at 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM